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Why Pay Before You Have Seen How Your UK Custom Party Frame Prop Will Look, We have created this service to help you view your cut out frame board online before you purchase.

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Personalised selfie frames are easy to make online using our free social media templates.

To make yourself a free Instagram frame or a Facebook photo booth prop, simply complete our social media template form below and our system will automatically create your selfie frame online and display your free Instagram, Facebook or Twitter templates.

All social media templates are then printed on to self adhesive matt paper using the Hp DesignJet z6100 Digital Wide Format Printer & press mounted on to 10,15 or 20 millimetre rigid foamex boards.

Step 1 > Select Frame Size & Frame Thickness from 10/15 or 20mm - We are now providing access to download the digital file only

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Why Choose Buy Printed Tees For Your UK Instagram Party Boards

You have food, drinks, excellent entertainment, and of course, the new party favourite - a personalised selfie frame You excitedly start setting up your photo booth props, and get to the crown jewel, the Instagram photo frame prop. Only there is a problem. A massive problem. You didn't get to preview your personalised Instagram frame when you ordered it online, and now you see that it doesn't exactly look like what you envisioned. Did they print it with errors? How on earth did the hash tag end up there?! or the wrong emjois have been printed. Your party isn't ruined, but you are seriously disappointed, and this large Instagram frame prop ended up being a big fat failure - there went your money down the drain and your prized prop into the bin.


Don't let this happen to you! When you order your Instagram photo booth prop frame from BuyPrintedTees, we let you create unlimited FREE online mock ups that you actually get to preview before you buy! Create your own unique Instagram cut out frames with your own titles, headings, hash tags and uploaded profile image. Put your details into our online mock-up form below and instantly see your personalised Instagram frame. Don't like how it looks? Realised a word got cut off? Still trying to decide which hash tags you want? No worries! Keep adjusting the mock-up maker until you get your Instagram party board just right.

We want to give you options! Saying this, our 10mm foamex Instagram frames are the best in the UK because we provide all customers our free online design tool. No committing to ordering and paying until your prized Instagram photo booth prop frame is perfect. We want you to love your frame before you purchase and save you the disappointment and embarrassment of a ruined photo booth prop.

After allowing you to create the best Instagram frame prop in the UK that you possibly can, we will generate an 8 digit reference number for your order and provide you with the price for your Instagram selfie frame, as well as other ordering information. Love your Instagram photo frame prop? Got it just right? Then order right from our mock-up screen through the PayPal link that will be provided. Not sure if your design is right just yet? Then write down your reference number, and keep tweaking your design.

Once you know which of your Instagram cut out frames is just right, send your order through. Need it delivered quickly? If you place your order and make your payment before 1pm, you can receive your personalised Instagram frame within 24/72-hours. Want to show off a bit before party time? You can choose to share your free online Instagram photo frame prop design on the WhatsApp Messenger through our website.

At BuyPrintedTees, we want to make sure you get not only what you paid for, but what you hoped for. By using our free online mock-up design for your Instagram cut out frames, you can make sure you're getting what your party-making mind envisioned before you pay. Ensure your party is a smash by creating your free online personalised Instagram frame design today!

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