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Free Social Media Instagram Mockup Selfie Photo Frames

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Learn How We Make A Printed Selfie Frame Online

  • Create Your Selfie Frame Template Using Photoshop
  • Print Selfie Template Using Self Adhesive Polypropylene Paper
  • Print Template Using A Hp Wide Format Digital Printer
  • Remove Backing From Self Adhesive Paper
  • Apply Template To 10 Millimeter Thick Foamex Boards
  • Remove Air Bubbles Using a Cold Rolling Machine
  • Cut Out The Center Of Your Selfie Frame Template Ready To Use

Personalised selfie frames are easy to make online using our free social media templates.

To make yourself a free Instagram frame or a Facebook photo booth prop, simply complete our social media template form below and our system will automatically create your selfie frame online and display your free Instagram, Facebook or Twitter templates.

All social media templates are then printed on to self adhesive matt paper using the Hp DesignJet z6100 Digital Wide Format Printer & press mounted on to 10,15 or 20 millimetre rigid foamex boards.

Instant Instagram Selfie Board Designer Tools

Planning a party or event? Our premium 10mm fomex printed selfie frames are the perfect photo props to help you capture unforgettable party moments.


With various frame designs to choose from, the meta-wittiness of taking a photo with a social media frame, and then sharing it online, is a sure way to get everyone to smile for the camera. We are the only retailer that provides a free selfie frame design service, which allows customers to design and preview their selfie frames before purchasing.


Whether you are planning a photo shoot, a private celebration, or a corporate event, you can design your own selfie frame to fit the occasion. Printed on durable 5mm foamex rigid boards, our Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat selfie frames are built to be passed around any party.

Personalise your selfie frame with our free mock up service!

Our no obligation instant mock-up service allows you to create an unlimited number of customised selfie frames online, using user-friendly tools such as our free Instagram & Facebook mock-up designer.


Buy Printed Tees is the only retailer that offers customers the ability to view their personalised frame design before checkout, because we aim for 100% customer satisfaction. Begin able to personalise your selfie frame makes this prop perfect for special events. You can customise your photo prop to include any hashtags, location markers, and titles and/or names that you would like. Choose between some of the social media frame options below to get started.


Parties & Businesses We Have Created Selfie Frames For:

  • Baby Shower
  • 40th Wedding Anniversary
  • Surprise Engagement(s)
  • 50th Birthday Party
  • Graduation Party
  • Local Business Launch
  • Surprise 18th Birthday(s)
  • Wedding Night(s)
  • Stag Nights Out
  • Primary School
  • Christening Parties
  • 1st Birthday
  • 25th Wedding Anniversary
  • Hen Party
  • Joint Birthday Party

Instagram Photobooth Party Boards:

Instagram is a social media platform completely built around photo sharing, so it’s no surprise that Instagram party boards have become such popular photo props.


These selfie frames are fun new alternatives to old-school photo booths, but they still carry a classic appeal thanks to Instagram’s polaroid style. If you are planning a wedding, our Instagram wedding party frames are a great way to share some insta-love.


Our party boards are also great for engagement or bridal parties, or a unique photo shoot. Instagram birthday selfie photo frames are also fun for partygoers of all ages! Taking photos of your friends, family, and children will never be a struggle with our customisable selfie frames since everyone will want to squeeze in for a picture.


Customised Facebook Selfie Boards:

Our customised Facebook party props selfie frames can also be a great way to commemorate a special event.


You can personalise your Facebook selfie frame to include information about your event such as your name, the title of your party, the name of your company, your location, and any relevant hashtags. Many choose to use these frames to capture special moments, for example by creating tailored Facebook baby shower party props that include the time and place of the event.


If you are creating a scrapbook or photo album, you won’t have to write the date or location on the back of your photo print because your selfie frame will display all the important information to timestamp your special event. With our custom Facebook selfie boards, you will be able to take photos that everyone is certain to like and share.


Personalised Snapchat Party Frames:

Unlike virtual Snapchat captures that only last 24 hours, our personalised Snapchat party frames are yours to keep. These personalised frames are even better than geotags, providing your party guests with an entertaining and unique way to snap a photo.


The Bigger Picture

Our printed selfie frames are perfect for personal celebrations such as birthdays, baby showers, or weddings, or they can take your digital marketing to the next level for a corporate event.

Social media frames add a clever and self-aware touch to any photo—making it fun and easy for your partygoers to help you document your celebration. Not only are these frames a great way to break the ice and rid your guests of camera shyness, they are almost guaranteed to make it from the party onto actual social media platforms—giving you free publicity and allowing you to share your photo memories.

Further, these frames are also great as gifts or props for a photo shoot, as they can be personalised with your own design. With Buy Printed Tees’ instant free mock up service, you can tailor your selfie frame online, letting you create the perfect design before you place your order. Create your free mockup with Buy Printed Tees today, to get your party started!


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